[Risk No. 144] Amber was our waitress. I love making small talk with servers. Being kind to someone helps them know your heart before you end up sharing anything spiritual. Building rapport. Before we left I shared a mental picture God had given me of bombs going off in her life lately and that the Lord was holding an umbrella over her head protecting her from the full potential of the blasts. I prayed for and encouraged her. She has osteoporosis but it wasn’t causing her trouble at the moment. Rebuked osteoporosis. She seemed floored.

The friends I was with seemed surprised and started firing questions at me. I shared how I’m learning to listen to (hear) Jesus and then pass along what I feel He places in my heart. Amber came back around and I asked her about the mental picture. “Did that mean anything to you?” I was encouraged to hear her response. “Oh, you have no idea! That’s exactly where I’ve been.” Pretty wild that God can give me a simple mental picture that makes little sense to me but completely resonates with the person I’m sharing it with. God knows us – He made us, didn’t He?

Jesus, You love Amber. Thank You for her. Use Her life to bring great glory to Yours.