Shawn’s Stroke.

[Risk No. 145] Shawn was on a street corner selling papers. I love carrying singles with me simply to buy a paper – which usually provides me the chance to pray for/encourage someone who boldly stands out in public daily hoping for sales. On this day, I was cashless. I was the first car in line – which means either awkward avoidance or an encounter waiting to happen. I rolled down my window, bummed I didn’t have anything to offer financially. I asked Shawn how I could pray for him. While he thought about it, I asked if he had any pain? He had suffered a stroke which still affected parts of his left side.

I extended my hand and he took it. We prayed. Thankfully no one had pulled up behind me because the light had turned red to green to red again. Giving people our time is part of why we may see so little. Most of us (including myself) assume we are on our own time and don’t think we could stop to be bothered. Being bothered to bless someone else is the best kind of time consumption possible – I’m slowly learning.