Blind man.

[Risk No. ZERO] I noticed a young, normal-looking man walk into the restaurant – other than the fact that he used a blind cane. He was with a friend and they seemed to be getting along joyfully. The first thought was, “I could never pray for someone like that.” How would I even approach them? As we walked out of the restaurant, the blind man and his friend were talking to one of the waiters. I don’t like interrupting conversations (un-natural) to pray (natural). So, instead of waiting for them to walk out, I walked my friend to his car and headed home. There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ, so please know that I’m not holding a weight of guilt over my head. I do, on the other hand, desire to pray for more people in conditions/situations that are literally hopeless apart from a miracle. If Jesus did it, so can we. He is, after-all, inside us.