[Risk No. 149] While spending time with Jesus one morning, I received a mental picture of a man working at a gas station. I knew I was going to be stopping for gas on my way into work so I decided to go inside and see if it was an older man. It was. Jerry was rough around the edges, in his late 50’s, overweight and spoke in a deep southern accent. I told him that God had given me a picture of him that morning (his eyebrows shifted skeptically heavy to one side), and that I saw him as consistent and steady, that he was who he said he was. I asked how I could pray for him (eyebrows shifted again). His quick-witted southern response, “Oh, no, I’m Ok!” (Which really spells – you’re awkward, go away). I ask about his back and pain. He has pain all the time. I offer my hand and he momentarily takes it.  I start rebuking pain and commanding his body to be made whole. He quickly retracts his hand and stares at me while I finish my prayer over him. I blessed him and thanked him for being who he was.

Awkward, but so much fun to learn to love others the way I’d like to be loved.