Angels & Jeff.

[Risk No. 151] Beth and I briskly made our way through several Trader Joe’s isles when I noticed a man in a wheelchair near the coffee. He seemed to be loudly talking to someone – very much alive. I turned around and thought to myself, “should I try to pray for him?” Those in wheelchairs always feel a bit more intimidating to me, partly because I’ve only seen one person get up and walk and partly because I don’t want to offend them in my approach.

I was instructed to get in line while my wife grabbed a few last minute supplies. She returned and so did my courage. “I need to go pray for the man in the wheelchair.” I went looking down the isles and found Jeff and his family in the frozen foods. Jeff was smiling excessively while talking to a little boy. I approached him and the Holy Spirit gave me the words to speak. I shook Jeff’s hand and told him how he had inspired me by the way he was so joyful even despite his condition. He was moved. I introduced myself to his wife and daughter and we talked about how we ended up in Nashville. They were from Los Angeles, living in Memphis but working their way toward Nashy.

Jeff told me how 6 years ago he had been suddenly hit with a disease (MS) and that it had caused feelings in his legs to dwindle amongst other issues. I told him about Jesus and what He had been teaching me and that I wanted to pray for him. He agreed. I knelt on the floor and took his hands in mine. I noticed the redness of his eyes and tears began to form. I prayed against the disease, against any plans of the enemy and I commanded his legs and body to operate normally again.

I may have prayed for 60 seconds or less, but I recall thanking God for the grace to pray with authority over a condition I wouldn’t naturally have the faith for. When I opened my eyes and looked up at Jeff tears were streaming. Then, to my surprise, I noticed two older men, one on his left and one on his right, their hands on either shoulder. “Oh, hey. Wow.” It is a rarity to be surrounded by others drawn in to pray for others, but when it does happen, what an encouragement! Both men almost immediately went their own separate ways, neither saying a word. Jeff began talking about how God had sent him an angel that day. I told him how I’m simply learning to walk out obedience to Jesus.

In the end, I completely forgot to ask Jeff how he felt physically. I hugged him and blessed him.

Jeff and I have since been emailing and his email blew me away:

OK, so to answer you exactly; I DID FEEL SOMETHING MAN!!! Firstly, I did feel something; the power of prayer because oddly enough for our families 3.5hr drive home, I didn’t have any pain in my legs nor any uncontrollable muscle spasms in my legs. I was driving, and didn’t have to stop for my incontinence issues and that usually doesn’t happen!! I can hardly do a 45min stint of driving without either happening.

I felt OUR brothers there in prayer, together…MY ENTIRE FAMILY FELT THAT JUICE – THAT POWER FROM GOD…. those were Angels in physical presence- do not mistake what happened. My daughter insists to draw what she says she saw; She saw the light from above, she saw all of our wings; she mentioned an “aura of blinding light” and my wife agreed and said the whole mood/vibe in the entire store flat changed and for the better – they felt warm in His graces.

I will likely never know if those were angels, but I do know that God moved and he’s growing a deeper longing in me to see him move all the more!

Thank You, Jesus.