[Risk No. 150] Sometimes the hardest risk to take is that of asking those you consistently see how you can pray for them. This was the case when I ordered my Salted Whiskey Carmel Latte at Barista Parlor. Chelsea (and all the barista’s there) are awesome. Most, maybe all, are also Jesus followers. I was having a great time chatting with Chelsea when it dawned on me that I should ask her how I could pray. “Hey, Chelsea, how can I pray for you?” She took her time, deliberating over a question, that I later came to find not a single customer had ever asked. “Patience! Pray that I would have more patience!,” was her excited response. I offered my hand and began praying with my eyes open. “No one will know we’re praying – it’s like secret prayers in public.” She smiled and bowed her head anyway. Eyes closed. No one in the coffee shop seemed to be noticing the moment we were having with Jesus. Chelsea’s response was such a strong reminder that I ought continue asking how I can pray: “You made my day!”