Barista Dudes.

[Risk No. 153] While meeting with a friend at Barista Parlor I noticed a group of 3 really indie-rock/hipsters looking guys. Felt God gave me a word for one of them. I hoped that I might speak to just the one alone, but that opportunity never presented herself. Before leaving the parlor, I sat down next to the three, introduced myself, and shook strange hands. They looked at me with wide, suspicious eyes. Who wouldn’t?

Dan was the man whom God had given me the word for. It was more of a mental picture than a “word” but I shared the picture with him. His face looked puzzled, in a good way. I told him that I’m learning to hear from God and hoped the word encouraged him. I did not get the impression that these dudes were believers, at least not yet. I blessed him and walked out.

I’m not going to lie, I was scared and probably more concerned with how these guys perceived me rather than how I might honor God. Thank you, Jesus, for helping me listen and obey – even when it’s awkward, funny, and my stomach is in knots. Help me help the world see just how amazing You are.