[Risk No. 155] I began by sharing with Skyler that I was a Jesus follower. “Hey, me too!,” was her quick animated response. “I thought so,” was mine. The word God gave me for her would not have made much sense if she had not been a believer. I reminded Skyler that God delights in her and that he wraps her up in His love. I saw a mental picture that she had a major decision to make in the future. She was on the edge of a cliff and wanted desperately to step off but wasn’t sure if God could be trusted. I reminded her that He can and saw His hand take hers to pull her off. Her response?

“This means more to me than you could ever know. Can I give you a hug?”

I love hugs and I’m so grateful for how the Holy Spirit works.

I also asked about her right ankle. She had tripped and sprang it the week prior, but no current issues. Thank You Jesus for growing me along.