[Risk No. 156] I noticed our bus boy, first because Shawn was covered in tattoos, and second because the Holy Spirit began high-lighting him to me. Though high-lighted, I didn’t feel anything specific from the Lord for him. This is when I begin asking Jesus to open my ears and to bring me clarity. Shawn was sweeping by the door as we all began to walk outside. I walked outside (past him) and felt a tug to go back in. By grace I did.

I told Shawn that God wanted to remind him that he is loved,  stands out to Jesus, and that God had both given him a unique creative gift but that he also was a unique creative gift. He seemed encouraged and a bit confounded. I encouraged him and met back up with my group.

Small, simple words or phrases are sometimes all the seed we are called to plant in someone. Only God knows what He will grow with that seed and how He will work in someone’s life as a result of our obedience.