Rose & Tanya.

[Risks No. 157-158] We needed a few last minute supplies before a big consulting meeting so OfficeMax was the store of choice. It was early and the store was near empty. As we checked out, I wrestled with whether or not to ask our cashier how we could pray for her. God won. She responded, with a huge look of surprise. Not wanting her to over-think it, I asked if she had any pain in her body. She didn’t. Pointing to the clock, Rose said, “my son Bryan is in the hospital to have surgery on his throat, and the surgery is scheduled to start right now – 8:30AM.” My heart rejoiced at how God had directed us to this specific office supply store and at this very time. I held Rose’s hand and prayed. She was in tears and turned to the woman in line behind us and began talking to her (random, right?) about how crazy this was. “How could they have known?,” in reference to her son’s need and the Lord’s impeccable timing.

Tanya was the lady next in line. She came toward me and thanked me for what an encouragement it was to see a Christian being so bold in public. I told her that God has been teaching me and training me in this area. I then felt the need to pray for her and did. God gave me a word for her about how she encourages those around her and that sometimes they don’t receive it but to just keep going. Her smile spoke a thousand words.

Rose then told me that she consistently will see people with a need checking out and as they are about to walk out of the store she’ll ask them if she can give them a hug as they seem heavy-hearted to her. Then, she’ll offer to pray for them.

So beautiful to meet others who are learning to love in their day to day lives.

The kingdom advances.