Dates, burgers & tattoos.

[Risk No. 159] It had been a particularly long week of ministry.  I had attended 6 ministry events over the weekend, spoken 3 times, shared in training others, prayed for countless people and was running on pure joy.  Needless to say, my wife was thrilled to hear that I was going to take her on a date night where it would just be the two of us out on the town.

As we arrived at one of our favorite restaurants I felt the Lord starting to pull at my heart.  We sat at our table our waitress Michelle came and introduced herself.

Sometimes, the minute you meet someone you can feel God’s heart for them.  This was the case with Michelle.  As she told us about the specials I noticed a tattoo on her wrist that said ‘faith’.  She proceeded to stop mid-sentence and tell my wife and I how much she liked the wedding band tattoos that we had.   I used the opportunity to ask her what “Faith” meant to her.

As she explained her own understanding of spirituality I could literally feel the Father melting over His daughter.  I told her we were Christians.

At the end of the meal, she approached us and began to open up about another tattoo behind her ear.  It was in memory of her fiancee who had passed away one year ago only two weeks before their wedding.  As she told us the story of how she had become numb and was finally able to talk about this tragic loss– I was overcome with the Father’s compassion.

I asked her, “How would you like us to pray for you?”

She said, “I want my relationship with God to be strengthened.  I want to be closer to Him again.  Would you ask God for that?”

She was almost in shock as I took her hand.  She knelt down by our table in the crowded restaurant as my wife and I began to speak the Father’s heart over her.  We thanked Him for loving her so much, for having a plan for her life, and for having a hope and a future (Jer. 29:11).  We asked God to reveal His constant presence and touch her life.  Amen.

As she rose to her feet again, holding back tears she said, “This made my whole…. this.. my whole night… this made my day!”

She was so touched by her Father who loved her.

Thank you Lord for giving us perseverance and your heart even when we are on “our” dates.

Take a risk. Your father is the King of the universe.