[Risk No. 160] I asked Mika her name. She seemed shocked that I would ask. If you’ve spent anytime reading this blog, you’ll notice a recurring pattern in that I very regularly strike up conversation with those I naturally interact with. I do sometimes approach people completely “out of the blue,” but typically I’m learning to live out love with those I’m already saying hello to. Mika informed me that no customer had ever asked her name.

Maybe your first risk will be to ask the cashier (or server/barista/etc.) their name. God does not despise humble beginnings. I shared a couple of brief encouragements with her and reminded her that God loved her. Her expression spelled delighted and stunned. Most people in the service industry are not asked their names, let alone encouraged along the way.

Lord, please bless Mika and all those working in the service industry. Thank You for how much joy they bring into our lives by providing a quality service to us.