[Risk No. 164] Leo was cruising around Costco in a motorized wheelchair. We met in the frozen foods. Funny how often God can bring people to you – to the point where they nearly bump into you. Pay attention to people who nearly run into you – there’s a high likelihood that God has a plan behind it all!

I asked Leo if he was in pain and he told me it was his knees and his flat feet. I asked if I could pray for Jesus to heal him. He asked me where I went. “Where do I go to church?,” is what I assumed he meant. I shared. “I’m Catholic,” was his response. Oh, cool. That’s sweet – was mine. Many people are waiting for you to disagree with them. Don’t. The Holy Spirit is big enough to convict the world of sin. Our job is to love.

I placed my hand on Leo’s shoulder and began praying. Leo immediately clasped his hands together and drew them to his lips. Very sweet. I asked him to stand up and test out his knees/feet. “The pain doesn’t feel as bad.” We prayed again and I shared how much Jesus has changed my life and how good He has been to me. He seemed genuinely moved.

“I have a feeling I’m going to see you again and you’re not going to be in a wheelchair” were the words that almost seemed to slip out of my mouth as we walked away. More, Lord!