Linda Samples.

[Risk No. 166] Costco is always sampling something – most of the time it’s those health bars that just taste like pure chewy grains or some form of low-sugar lemonade. No thanks. Looking past the sample is a person standing on their feet for hours on end – serving people who rarely thank them or ask their name. I asked Linda her name and shared a simple encouragement. As usual, she smiled. I continued on my way when I sensed the Holy Spirit wanting me to double-back and pray for her. By grace I did and she was 100% receptive. Thank You, Lord, for Linda. Praise be to God for the way You are working in her life.

Note: I also asked her if she had any pain. She didn’t. Once a conversation/prayer/introduction has happened it’s always worth asking if someone is in pain – regardless of whether God gives us a word of knowledge or not.