Betsy & Molly.

[Risks No. 169/170] My eyes don’t scan rooms as haphazardly as they used to. I feel as though God is continuing to sharpen my sight and my hearing. While sipping coffee, I noticed a woman who came in and felt in my heart that her life is a massive encouragement to many and that she is a great resource to others. I felt about getting up and immediately sharing what I felt. I didn’t. A while later she was chatting/sipping with another woman. Now the pressure is a bit steeper. I asked God how he saw the other woman and I heard the word, “Rebound. She bounces back, and even-though she has been through many hard spots I have been her strength.” That was enough to encourage me to share what was on my heart. I did and they both seemed encouraged. Betsy was obviously encouraged and Molly seemed burdened. I was able to pray a brief blessing over them and thanked them for their time. Regardless of how someone receives what we feel God shares with us, praise Him and move forward.