Carpet Cleaners.

[Risk No. 171] I spent the whole day seeing opportunities to risk, be bold and display the power and love of Jesus… but I did not take any of them. For whatever reason – whether it was inconvenience, being busy, or fear – I allowed these moments to slip through my fingers. I went home disheartened; I was not bold as a lion. Instead of allowing guilt and shame a foothold, I confessed the fear and prayed for more opportunities to share love.
That night I received a knock at the door from a woman offering us the opportunity to witness a demonstration of a certain “awesome power” vacuum cleaner. My first instinct was to kindly decline. However, I then heard that slight whisper to go ahead and invite them in. Two gentlemen came inside and went right into demo mode with their spiel a’blaring! In the middle of their presentation, I suddenly felt a slight pain in my lower back. I then knew my prayer had been answered. I told them to stop the demonstration and asked if either one had lower back pain. One of them said no and the other said kinda. I then replied, “If you want to continue this demo, you have to allow me to pray for your back.” This threw them off guard and I knew they had to stick around regardless because they trashed my living room floor to show how clean they could get it. I asked for his hand and then just thanked the Lord for His love and commanded the pain to leave. He tested it out and claimed that it felt much better. The other guy thought it was cool that I would pray for him and said that he went to church as well and then the Lord gave me a word to encourage him in his walk. Was able to share some of my testimony and knew the Lord erased some pain and resentment caused by hypocritical Christians in their past.
In the end, my carpet was vacuumed, shampooed, and sparkling clean – and both of these gentlemen expressed a desire to keep the communication going. As soon as they left, I was moved to tears on how good our Father is. He used all of this to remind me that there is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus, and when we sometimes miss the mark, not to allow the enemy to speak lies about our identity & worth. Rather, allow grace to lift you up, dust you off, and continue to seek His Kingdom!
Note: Jeremy is a good friend of mine living with his wife and family up in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.