Chef’s Market – God’s Grace.

[Risks No. 172-176] I drove north on a snowy morning in March. Snow in the south is rare, it’s even weirder when it’s nearly spring. It was an encouragement to meet with a friend and share testimonies of God’s goodness. We sat down at a window-bar, granting us full view of the restaurant and of those walking past us. Kathy, a Chef’s Market worker, walked past collecting trays. I asked if she had any lower back issues. The funniest of faces was her response. “Just yesterday my back was killing me for no apparent reason and it still isn’t 100% right. Why in the world do you ask?!?!” I shared how my friend and I were Christians learning to be more like Jesus. I asked if we could pray for her. She agreed. We prayed: back be better, Jesus be glorified. I shared how I saw Kathy as someone who possessed a great measure of joy and encouraged her. She acted truly blown away.

Before my friend and I left the restaurant, God had graced us with opportunities to pray for 3 other ladies. Courtney – who’s foot was healed and who’s rebel daughter we were able to pray for. Juanita – who had hip, friend, and work issues – all of which we were able to bring to the throne. Brittany – who seemed bleak and bland until I shared how I saw her as a dreamer and not as crazy for dreaming.

There are times where it seems the Lord has so perfectly orchestrated opportunities that they just start flowing. It’s almost as though there is a heavenly grace that I step into, and in that space, everything starts working with ease. With Jesus, I’m able to flow. Whereas, with my flesh, I’m often awkward and uncertain.

Jesus, I pray for more of these opportunities to love people out of your strength – regardless of how I feel.