Belgian Fail.

[Risk No. ZERO] My friend Andy was having a birthday and I wanted to get him a bottle of quality Belgian ale. After reading several labels and scouring the shelves, I headed for the check-out stand. I’ve had wonderful Jesus encounters in wine shops, but on this Saturday afternoon, I wasn’t interested in praying for anyone. A smiling woman checked me out (which would have been an easy opportunity for prayer and/or encouragement). A man packaged my ale with a wrist mobilizer – again an easy opportunity to at least offer to pray healing. I bailed on both risks and headed home wondering what was wrong with me.

It’s probably even more important that I share my failures over all the successes – because, in all reality, any believer desiring to live a risk-filled life, will feel or experience failure, sooner or later. I have a shirt that is unfortunately way too big for me (unless I want to go out looking ghetto 90’s gangster), but I love what it says: FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION, IT’S A STEP. What a good way to look at failure. I am not a failure, I’m a son of God. Even when I fail, I’m a son of God. God, chase away my fear and failure.