Three in One.

[Risks No. 182-184] I stood pumping gas when my eyes locked onto the attendant whom I could clearly see inside the station. I didn’t feel anything specific for her but decided I had 3 minutes and could take advantage of every opportunity. I walked in, by then feeling God gave m a simple word for this lady. I quickly realized there were three ladies – all chatting together. The one nearest me, Salita, whom I had seen through the window, greeted me. “Hi, God wanted me to remind you that His eyes are upon you and that He knows you by name!” She looked stunned. I then asked the other women (Peedey and Pam) if anyone had ever come in just to give them an encouraging word. They shook their heads. I asked if I could say a quick prayer over their day. They all nodded. I quickly prayed. I asked if anyone dealt with back or knee pain (those are what came to mind). Salita was having problems in both of her knees. We prayed and I praised God for a sweet 3 minute encounter. Thank you, Jesus!