Healing rocks?

[Risk No. 185] A quick stop into a small-town Starbucks half a mile off the interstate gave me just the boost I needed to continue a 9hr trek. Lindsey took my order and I gave her a brief word about how she is extremely valued by God and others. She seemed blown away. I asked if she (or any of the other baristas) had back pain. None did. When I explained that God had given me a compassion for hurting people, one of the guys laughed. I thought to myself, “if only you knew how incredibly good my God is.” Lindsey told me how her parents practice healing with rocks and that I should consider trying them. “No thanks, Lindsey. Jesus has so convinced me that nothing competes with his love and power.”

Jesus, please continue revealing your goodness to a laughing world and allow my life to reveal that no rock has anything on the Rock.