Awkward Awesome (2).

[Risks No. 201-210] God proved himself so faithful in blessing me with opportunities to risk for love’s sake while in the Northeast. As with the previous post, I am condensing all of the risks into super-shortform.

Northeast risks (Part 2): 

No. 1 – Brendan had shaggy hair covering his eyes and hanging over his shoulders. I wondered how Starbucks wasn’t concerned about serving hair with their coffee…. I shared how I saw Brendan as a visionary and that Jesus loved him greatly.

No. 2 – I met a lady pouring cream into her coffee at Sbucks and she was smiling like crazy. Shared that I saw her as joy-filled and that God was pleased by her attitude. I asked about any pain in her body but thankfully she didn’t have any.

No. 3 & 4 – Chris and Chris were both working at the coffee shop around the corner from St. Stephens Episcopal Church (where I was speaking). I gave the first Chris a word about how he pays attention to details and cares about the little things. I felt “left shoulder” and asked them. The other Chris had injured it 3 years back. We prayed and God healed.

No. 5 – Watching the Holy Spirit move inside an old Episcopalian church was sweet. Afterward we stopped for snacks on the long drive back to CT. The first person in the gas station (whose name I couldn’t pronounce) had a right shoulder problem but was not in pain. We prayed and encouraged him.

No. 6 – Robin took over the shift for the man whose name I didn’t catch. We were able to pray over her family and her pregnancy.

No. 7 – Vierra walked through the doors and my friend James began asking her about pain in her middle-upper back. “Honey, I’ve got pain all over!,” was her honest and humorous response. We prayed, God healed her back and foot. She was genuinely surprised. We talked with her for a while and discovered that she was from Dothan, AL and had moved to the NE when she was 15. James asked if she wanted to give her heart back to Jesus. She did.

No. 8 – About the time we were praying for Vierra, a man walked in reeking of Marijuana. As we said our goodbyes to Robin and Vierra, we walked outside and noted Stoned John sitting in his car looking at lottery tickets. We approached and he nervously rolled down his window. God gave us words for him and we were able to pray against addictions and struggles in his life. He went from cautiously concerned to warm and grateful.

No. 9 – On Sunday we were able to encourage and pray for Dan over his schooling and God gave me the hint that his right shoulder was giving him troubles. It was and we prayed.

We had a absolutely fantastic time sharing at Wellspring Church – God moved mightily! Rejoice always!