Awkward Awesome (3).

[Risks No. 211-218] Here’s the final entry in the #AwkwardAwesome series (credits to my pal Andy Reale for coining the phrase).

No. 10 – Monday morning we met friends at a local diner. The owner, Dan, was a believer and all around passionate guy. We prayed for and encouraged the ministry God had called him into. I saw him opening up more diners and asked if that made sense. It did, he had been considering a diner long closed down in another section of town.

No. 11 – Judy was our diner waitress and was equal parts sweet and sassy; welcome to the Northeast! God gave me a word about her left hip and knee. I was so encouraged when I found that I was right (she also had screws/plate in her rt. foot). I prayed for her and told her to give it a little time. On the way out I asked her how she was feeling. She was genuinely shocked as she informed me her hip felt completely better and her foot was mostly better. I prayed for her foot a second time and was able to encourage her about how much Jesus loves her. She said she’s already been talking to Dan about Jesus. Praise God!

No. 12 – Caroline sat directly across from me in the Diner. I felt God’s compassion for her and when she got up to leave I quickly followed her out and told her that God wanted to remind her about how He felt for her. I was able to pray for her, and God gave me a word about her back, which He kindly restored.

No. 13 – Sonya was one of our airline stewardesses and I was way off base on a word about her neck and shoulders. I was still able to pray a blessing over her despite being wrong.

No. 14 – Renee was another stewardess. God gave me a picture of her delivering balloons to children and that she had a sweet gift of generosity. Before I shared I told Renee that God had given me a picture. Her immediate response was, “UH OH!” Amazing how many people know God for his judgement first and not for his mercy.

No. 15 – While seated towards the back of the airplane, I wanted nothing more than to close my eyes, nap, listen to worship music, and maybe read a book. Before boarding my eyes had been drawn to a young man with an orange shirt. This same young man sat down in the isle across from me, and to my surprise, no one took the isle or middle seats next to me. Before taking off I felt God give me a strong impression that this young man was facing a brick wall of a challenge and that God wanted to remind him that he would get over it. Though tired and not really wanting to talk, God gently pushed me. I relocated to the isle seat (he was in the opposite isle). I introduced myself and shared that I was a Christian and that God had given me a word for him. I shared and he instantly acknowledged the relevance of the word. Maurice and I ended up talking for nearly 2 hours. Turns out he was a youth pastor studying to become a pastor. His father had passed away back in November and he’s been struggling to stay on course for his graduation this July. The Lord used Maurice to wonderfully encourage my heart and I believe he used me to do the same for him. So crazy how one minute you can be perfect strangers and the next you feel like long-lost pals reunited. The kingdom of heaven is a beautiful community!

No. 16 – Maurice and I landed in Nashville and began walking toward baggage claim when I noticed Al and his wife looking at a bright yellow Harley Davidson. Al was in a wheelchair. I told Maurice that we should see if they would allow us to pray for them. We approached and I commented about how shiny the bike was. They agreed! I asked Al if he was in pain and he joked about how his wife was a pain in his rear. I asked if we could pray for him and he agreed. It was beautiful. I held his hand and Maurice laid hands on his shoulders. We prayed, commanding his body to become normal and welcome God’s presence to minister to both of them. I was in a hurry and didn’t have him test his body out, but I knew that I knew God had heard us. The couple thanked us for stopping and caring.

No. 17 – I arrived home to my family (such a sweet blessing). I took them out to our favorite local pizza joint and Ashley was our server. Initially I wasn’t receiving any kind of anything for her. Towards the end of our time I thought I was receiving a fuzzy message about her studying overseas. I was way off. Nor did she have pain in her right wrist. Nor did she “need” prayer for anything. It was almost funny. I had just experienced God’s presence so strongly in the Northeast and the first encounter back home was about as awkward as they come. I love you, Jesus. Please draw Ashley closer to you and thank you for her!