Wild Safari Rides.

[Risks No. ZERO] There are times when I can feel my faith and my compassion blown and torn about by the winds of fear. At times, God enables me to rise above the enormity of the challenge and push through. Obedience is what I’m called to, results are what God provides in response. On this day, my parents had taken our family to a wilderness safari. The kids rode camels, pet baby lions and laughed at how fat the pot-bellied pigs were. It was spring break week and the safari was jam packed.

While entering the kangaroo exhibit, I noticed a family with 3 boys. They all seemed to be around the same age, meaning either they were triplets or possibly adopted. Each of them had severe development issues with their legs. They all walked with severe limps and one of the boys used crutches to aid him.

When it comes to children with disabilities, I’m still learning how to A. trust God for the impossible, because He is God of the impossible, and B. understanding how to present my heart for healing in a way that will help parent and child see that I’m stirred by love to care – not by arrogance or any other motivator.

Jesus, sorry I allowed fear to dictate my actions. Thank you that you forgive me and that your strength is made perfect even (especially) in my weakness.