Deaf & Mute.

[Risk No. 225] While meeting with friends on the way back from my parents, I couldn’t help but notice a deaf/mute man who was selling pins to support himself. The pin-bags were stapled to a business card that explained his condition. I felt compassion and thought to myself, “what are the odds? This has never happened to me – ever. God, this must be an opportunity!” My friend and I both bought pins and I excused myself from the table. I approached the man, slowly asking him if I could pray that Jesus would heal him. He nodded. I placed my hand on his shoulder and commanded deafness/muteness to leave. I didn’t notice anything immediate but his lips motioned a huge, “Thank You!”

It’s so simple here to walk away assuming nothing did (nor will) happen. If faith is being sure of what I hope for, than it’s certainly not faith to walk away in unbelief. How much better to rather anticipate what God can (will) do in someone long after I’m anywhere near the picture. Teach me, teach us, Father.

More, Lord! More!