[Risk No. 227] “I see you as the kind of person who…” This one sentence has likely helped me grow more in the prophetic than any other. Bob Hazlett at Power and Love teaches how to hear God’s voice for others by seeing others the way God sees them. “Fill in the sentence and express to someone how God sees them,” is how Bob explained it the first time I heard this. God has given me countless wonderful love encounters since. Brianna, I see you as the kind of person who naturally encourages others. Even your smile is an encouragement and that is a gift from Jesus. Her smile swung wide. I continued encouraging her on how stoked Jesus was with her. “I’m a believer!,” she said. Praise God, because all the words coming out of my mouth sure seemed to be leading that direction. If she hadn’t been a believer, what a good time to encourage her toward Jesus.