Donna & the miracle bunny.

[Risks No. 228 & 229] Donna was an older lady running the cash register at our local pet store. My 12 year old daughter had googled how to rehab a baby bunny (that our Chocolate Lab had carried home in miserable shape. This tiny bunny was bleeding significantly from a puncture in her stomach, thanks to our dog, and wasn’t walking or able to use her hind legs at all). I felt Jesus challenge me to lay hands and pray over the bunny. Crazy as that may sound, all creation was knit and formed by God’s hands – why not pray for a petty miracle? I foolishly prayed (while no one was watching) and even felt the Holy Spirit flow out of me with a surprising warmth passing through my hand. I still walked away doubting the bunny would make it through the night.

Shocked as I am, the bunny has fully recovered with full use of it’s legs and no surgery/meds. The dog-tooth stomach puncture has completely sealed shut. It’s eating, drinking, running, and….pooping.

I’m learning to take advantage of every opportunity to grow faith in my kids, even when I possess very little of it.

God gave me a word about Donna’s lower back and she confirmed. For years and years she has had a curvature of the lower spine that bothers her routinely. I asked if we could pray for her. “Oh, please do!,” came her excited response. She wasn’t in pain at the moment, but we prayed, blessed her and I even got a hug out of the deal!

Lord, thank you for healing bodies and bunnies. Is anything impossible with You? Forgive my cold, faithless heart, grow me into everything Jesus was/is/will be. All Praise/Glory/Honor are due YOU!