Loud Dan.

[Risk No. 232] I noticed a man standing outside on the curb smoking a cigarette and talking to friends. He was on crutches, his foot wrapped in a hard cast. I rarely try and break up conversations to pray for someone as it’s typically considered rude and rarely achieves the intended results. I did ask God for an opportunity to pray. Dan and friends came back inside the store after smoking and settled up at the end of a long table where a friend and I were seated. Both of his friends got up at the same time and I knew this was my chance.

I asked Dan what had happened, and turns out he had fallen, while drunk, and broken his ankle. The DR’s were giving him another 6 weeks on crutches. I approached him and asked if I could pray that God quickened that process. He agreed. I reached out my hand for his and prayed healing over his ankle and the love of Jesus over his life. I blessed him and returned to my seat. From several seats away, he loudly declared: “Wow man! Thank you! That was really something. Wow! That’s crazy. Cheers!” I nodded and carried on conversation, trying hard not to draw attention to myself.

Though thrilled by his response, it’s never me (or you) that deserve (or earn) the recognition. We’re simply members of the body helping Make Jesus Famous.