Jessica’s Joy.

[Risk No. 233] Jessica stood at the counter, helping a friend and I settle the score for our bill. I felt God showed me the mental image of a the word “EXPLORER” over her and shared. There, on the counter, was a journal with an ancient image of the world. I asked if she had been traveling? She had, for several years. “How do you know all this?,” came her quizzical response. I briefly explained my walk with Jesus and how I’m learning to hear from God on behalf of others. I asked if she had any pain in her body, like maybe in her back. She did. Her back hadn’t been right for the past year due to a bike accident. I asked for her hand and commanded pain to leave and back to be restored. She tested it and still felt the pain. Do Not Fear. I prayed a second time and then just asked her if she followed Jesus.

“Are you a Jesus follower?” is a question we assume would offend people. If our motive is honorable and loving, it rarely does. Worse case-scenario, it offends, and we can still walk away asking God for mercy over a life. She had grown up Catholic but now thought Jesus was mostly just a good guy.

She was shocked that we would ask God about how He saw her (and that what God showed us was accurate). “Whatever you guys are, maybe the craziest people ever to come in here, this was like the most positive experience I’ve ever had. I actually feel amazing right now.”

Love goes a long, long way. Jesus, thank You for continuing to reveal yourself to the Jessica’s of the world.