Don’t Waste Time!

[Risks No. 246-249] I was met by several wonderful, smiling Costa Ricans. My new friends were surprised to see that my once long hippie hair was no longer adorning my head. They told me we had an hour to kill as we waited on the flight bringing us Ascend the Hill. “There’s a cafe over there that we can wait in.” Ok, cool. While in a cafeteria style line the Lord began giving me words for the hostesses. I asked my new friends to interpret. Once we sat down, one said, “You don’t waste any time at all!” There’s not time to waste. I am privileged to live this vapor once, I want God to use me to the fullest.

We prayed for Sarah and her daughter Keyra, a teen dealing with depression. We prayed over stress for Sarah and welcomed the kingdom of God to touch down over her situation. We prayed for Jennifer who dealt with back issues – also caused by stress. Another lady was encouraged and asked for prayer for her family and daughter. We rebuked skin infections in Valeria’s leg and just spoke the kind reminder that Jesus loved her. As we walked out, the whole place was a-stir by the sweet presence of Jesus. Oh, how He loves!