Brandy & Elijah.

[Risk No. 252] Parallel parked my car and rejoiced that it was downtown after 6PM – free and easy parking! Within 10 feet of my car was a woman with a stroller selling a paper. I asked her what it was and she informed that it was a Christian Homeless paper focused on sharing the Gospel through the lens of the poor. I was floored and gladly made the purchase. I asked Brandy if I could pray for her. “Of course!” I prayed for her and sensed her baby, Elijah, had a physical problem. I asked and she confirmed. He was making massive improvements but was recovering from a double ear infection. Prayed full restoration over Elijah and asked God to raise him up as a mighty voice in his generation.

Also sensed God wanted me to buy Brandy dinner. I ran inside the Sushi joint and asked my friend if I could borrow a bit of cash (she’d never tasted Sushi and I could tell it didn’t sound appealing). I ran back out to her and blessed her with a little money for dinner. Money couldn’t buy the smile she gave.