Friday Fun Day.

[Risks No. 252-275] Once a semester I’ve been given the great joy of teaching Anchor School of Ministry students on learning how to hear God’s voice. It’s a great deal of fun as the sessions culminate with a time out on the streets near our offices in East Nashville. On this Friday, we had a blast in 75 degree weather! God gave us many opportunities to risk for the sake of love. Here is a very brief overview of risks God empowered us to take:

No. 1 & 2 – “G” and Kim. They were both stand-offish at first but then warmed up to us. We held hands and prayed a blessing over them. Several minutes later “G” re-approached and wanted more prayer. Sweet!

No. 3 – 6 – Yvonne and several others were in an extremely bright colored clothing store for women. We were way out of place but God gave us a wonderful opportunity to pray and speak life over both young and old.

No. 7 – A fairly intimidating man named Gold introduced himself as we asked him his name. I asked if there was anything we could pray for. He initially said he was fine. I asked again. “No, not here, but we can go over there (pointing to the street corner) to pray.” We had a powerful time praying together – turns out Gold is a man who has given his heart to Jesus and is quickly growing.

No. 8 – Paula allowed us to pray for her and God gave me a word about her back and then about a pinched nerve. She was thrilled that God would show me both. So was I!

No. 9 – Kris was wheeling her motorized wheelchair around Kroger. I walked alongside her and was able to help her load her items on the check-out counter. Kris has been in a car crash that expelled her from the car and broke her back in the process. She was paralyzed from the hips down. I shared my heart for healing and asked if I could pray. She quickly agreed. I commanded pain and paralysis to go. She was blown away that I would offer to pray. I didn’t feel the need to have her check her body on the spot but encouraged her with how much God loved her and was going to restore her.

No. 10 – We noticed a woman on crutches (sprained foot). She allowed us to pray and noticed a reduction in pain. I asked for her crutches and she turned me down, shocked that I would ask. I told her that God has given me an expectant heart and that I have seen countless people healed on the spot. I also encouraged her that God loved her and that it was OK, His grace was big enough to meet her need.

No. 11 – Back into the strange clothing store we went. Respectfully, it looked like a place that Todd White and most African Americans in Nashville shopped at. “T” had tattoos named all over his face. I shared some encouraging words with him and then asked to pray over him. He agreed. God’s love knows no bounds.

No. 12 – Pat. God gave me a simple word for her and she instantly turned around and asked to pray for us! We returned the favor. What a blessing to enter God’s presence with perfect “strangers.”

No. 13 – Christiana was in the parking lot headed into Kroger’s when I asked if we could pray for her. The instructions to the students was simply to ask people if you could pray for them. Simple starts. Classic. Her broken english + my broken spanish made for a winning combo. As soon as I placed my hand on her shoulder she began weeping. She suffered from panic attacks and a heart condition that she was going to see the DR. over that same afternoon. All pain left and she felt an intense measure of God’s peace.

No. 14 – 23 – Debra, Reggi, Debbie and many others were either prayed over, healed, or attempted risks. Out of 20 risks, I believe only 3 resulted in rejections. Even so, they seemed surprised that we would even be asking.

Thank You, Jesus, for an amazing day to bring you glory. May there be many many many more to come! Help us live everday as a Friday fun day to encourage the world around us with Your love.