[Risk No. 280] To be completely frank, I haven’t felt much like praying for people over the past couple of weeks. I don’t know what exactly hindered me, maybe my own pride or maybe the general distractions of life. Either way, I’ve been here before. God is so kind to increase my faith (and my courage) and keep me going. This is not a numbers game, but the way of love. When love overflows, anything is possible.

I noticed Cheryl walking alongside an alley wall as I walked from the lunch spot to my car. She was using the wall to prop herself so she could walk. Her walking was labored and her face spelled pain. I walked over and asked if she was in pain. “YES!,” came her quick response. God gave me a compassion for her. “God has given me a heart to see other’s healed, can I please pray for you right now?” She agreed. Her issue was that of a bone problem in both hips. She was experiencing extreme pain in both and was scheduled for surgery later in the month. I asked her to place her hands on her hips and then I touched her hands. In Jesus name, hips be healed. Bones be restored. Body, work properly. All the pain immediately left the right side and the left was noticeably better. She began weeping while I prayed over her. She then motioned to her mouth and said she was supposed to have serious dental work due to bacteria. She asked if I could pray for her mouth. “I’d love to!” Bacteria: leave, mouth: be healed!”

It’s encounters like these, especially when I’m not “feeling” it, that God reminds me this is never about what I feel but about allowing Christ’s love to flow through the least likely of sources.