[Risk No. 282] My family was graced with the gift of a multi-day cabin stay in the Smoky Mountains – thank you, God (and Debbie). Beside the fact that traffic was crazy at times (antique redneck auto show was to blame), the cabin and surrounding area were absolutely beautiful. We hiked into Gatlinburg on a sunny afternoon and both kids wanted ice-cream from Chocolate Monkey. Not sure why when Ben & Jerry’s was a half block away. I’m glad they stuck with the monkey.

Harmony served them up with the brightest ice-cream ever. After she had them brimming with joy, I couldn’t be left out in the cold. Blackberry, please! The faint thought came to me that she deals with lower back issues. What to do, risk it or move on? God helped. For over the past year Harmony has dealt with disc issues in her lower back. She was surprised and I told her God gave me a hint and He would heal her. I lightly held her hand and commanded her back to be better. She began feeling a “weird” sensation in her back and much to her surprise all the pain had left. “Holy heck!, that’s wild!” I shared with her how much God loved her and that Jesus was crazy about her. Her smile reminded me of a distant daughter hearing the news that her Father wasn’t as far off as she once thought.

Jesus, thank You for Harmony. Please bring people into her life that will continue to love her like You do.