[Risk No. 285] It’s not every day that a car is broken down at the end of our Cul-De-Sac. I rolled down my window asking Joyce if her car needed a jump. It did. Unfortunately for Joyce, a jumpstart wasn’t going to cover it. The battery wasn’t the issue. Her husband was on his way to pick her up. I quietly asked Jesus why here, why now? Felt the still small Voice remind me this was an opportunity. Ah-ha. Lightbulb moment.

“Are you in pain? How is your back?” She was dealing with back and stomach pain that she had had over the weekend. I asked if I could pray and felt the pain was connected to stress. We prayed and she began feeling the pain lessen. I encouraged her and spoke life over her.

Praise God for the opportunity to love others no matter where or when. Freely we have received, freely must we give.