Derek & Robbi.

[Risks No. 290-291] On my way to Costa Rica I had the priviledge of sitting next to some really sweet people. We made small talk a while and then I put on head phones and read/hung out with Jesus. I felt He began giving me words about them and I decided to write them down. Sometimes it helps me to write down words. Here’s what I wrote and shared with them:
I saw them as the kind of people who give others space to be themselves. People feel they can be themselves because they can be trusted. Free-flowing and quick to bounce back. Saw them mentoring others – younger married couples, investing their time to help others especially in the area of clear communication. Also saw them wondering how to help the poor and needy and that God would bring a sweet opportunity. Naturally generous. Jesus loves how you’re wired and loves you like crazy. Neck/shoulders issues, especially in relation to sleeping awkward – you need pillows in all the right places. Saw Derek running and getting shin splints – problems from his knees down.
While I read the above to them, they both were giving each other funny looks, like, “how can this be?” “So, wait, you just ask God and He speaks to you?” Yes, but I’m still learning to hear. Robbi had just a few days prior been considering a major job change to go back to school for counseling, specifically marriage & family. She was blown away. The neck/shoulder issues were dead on, even to the point of the pillows. Derek has had 5 surgeries on his ankles for weak ankles/knees.
I held their hands and prayed over them. Robbi’s neck/shoulders were instantly better and they were both freaking out. I reminded them how much Jesus loved them and knew them. Thank you, God!