[Risks No. 294 – 307] I have come to find that one of the harder things to do is trying to keep tabs on risks while I’m on mission trips. So much is happening daily (both in the internal context of ministry to people who have come to receive it) and to those who we meet “randomly” along the way. The Jesus journey isn’t an on or off missions-trip ideal. By grace, and with the help of this personal risk challenge, I’m learning to view everyday as mission. It is substantially easier to be full of faith when traveling with a team of like-minded risk-takers  than when I’m alone at the grocery store, gas station, etc. If anything, I realized while in Colombia how much God has been growing my hope and expectation for living out the Kingdom and helping others do the same.

Our time in Colombia was ridiculous. In a good way. So much fruit! Countless men and women came to Jesus for the first time or brought their hearts back to Him. We experienced the gifts and fruit of the Spirit in special ways everywhere we went. For the sake of this blog, I am only going to include short recaps from those stories that involved a risk. I pray you are encouraged!

Name/Location/Short Description:

– David, Airport Restaurant (Nashville), God gave me a word from Luke 2:52 for him while we were waiting for our flight to depart. He was astonished when I asked if we could pray for him. “You guys are the second people to offer to pray for me today! Just this morning I had a long prayer-time asking Jesus to move in my life.” I asked if he had ever received requests for prayer while on the job. This day was a first.
– TSA agent, Security line, I noticed her left wrist-guard and asked if she’d like to be healed. Prayed and asked her to move it. “It feels better.”
– Beverly, One Flew South (Atlanta airport). “Can I have a hug? If Jesus was here, he would hug you.” We hugged and she almost immediately started crying. Prophesied and prayed over her. Picture of a flame that God was fanning brighter into her life. She was floored!
– Jeremiah, ATL airport, He was cleaning up the trash bins and I told him how much God was crazy about it him. He shrugged his shoulders, gave me a funny look, and quickly went about his business.
– Man, at ATL store, prayed over his sore feet and asked him to move them. Jaw-dropped look of shock and awe came over him. Told him Jesus loved him.
– Grace, Delta flight, I had noticed a woman who had been dropped off and was limping. I had wanted to pray for her but didn’t do it while we were waiting to board. Fear. At some point during the flight I went to use the bathroom and on the way there a woman asked me to help her with her TV screen. It was Grace! I helped her and then asked (in Spanish – God was so gracious to me) what was going on. Leg issues. We prayed and I encouraged her. She radiated with a smile that spelled, ” thank You for genuinely caring.”
– Christian and Diego, Delta flight attendants, thanked them for their service and prayed a blessing over them. They were stoked. I was stoked.
– Sebastian and Lady, Hotel lobby (Bogota), prayed over and encouraged each of them. Both ended up giving their hearts back to Jesus. I was able to spend time with them through-out our time in Bogota.
– Ignacio, taxi driver (Bogota), we were able to pray with him and he gave his heart to Jesus. Note: I made it a habit (and still do) to try to pray for everyone that I actually talk to. You can’t ever pray too much. I don’t think there was a single taxi driver that we didn’t get to pray for. Once we hit the ground in Colombia, the risks became too many and I simply did not have the time to record them all.
– Girl, Bogota, walking with a single crutch due to ankle issue. No pain but it felt stronger. Blessed and hugged her.
– Ceasar, Bogota, I woke up feeling a weight of discouragement when my friend James had asked me to accompany him to the corner bakery for a latte. I’m always down for a latte and some sweet South American pastries. Right in front we met a man in his 50’s named Ceasar. He had been a construction worker when a brick fell on his back 18 years ago and caused severe disc damage.
When we met him he was hunched over (see photo) Ceasarand couldn’t walk without extreme pain and requiring a cane. We prayed a couple of times and his pain began diminishing. We asked him if one leg was shorter than the other and it was. Thanks to the bakery we were able to borrow a step stool, sit him down on it and verify that his right leg was shorter. We commanded his leg to grow and it did. He was 100% healed on the spot and for the first time in his life, gave his heart to Jesus. What a joy! I’m including a short video of the first time he walked without pain or a cane. Notice a fellow construction-onlooker shakes his hand to congratulate him.
So many beautiful stories, many of which we’ll be sharing in the upcoming Documentary.
As we left the country, I asked to pray for a TSA agent (Juan) and he wanted prayer for his eyes. I prayed and noticed many other TSA agents watching us. Turns out 3 of them had knee issues and all 3 were instantly healed. Juan even tracked us down once we had passed through security to tell us his eyes weren’t in pain anymore and wondered if we might be able to heal his near-sightedness. “Are you healers?” No, but we know someone who is! Prayed for his sight and he returned to his post.
Thank you Jesus for Colombia and the work you so beautifully are doing there.