Dolly & Alex.

[Risks No. 309-310] I was at Trader Joe’s when I met Dolly. She had a right wrist guard on. I passed her once and didn’t feel comfortable approaching her. I did whisper a prayer asking that God would give me a way. While checking out, I had forgotten Baking Soda and ran back to get it. And….there was Dolly. I asked her is she had pain in her wrist. She had serious back issues from a fall where she had also hurt her wrist. I asked if I could pray for her. She agreed and I prayed/blessed/encouraged her. This all happened within about 30 seconds. I ran back to catch up with my daughter and the check-out process.

Alex was checking our groceries through and I saw a mental picture of him as a business man helping others out. I shared it with him and asked if it meant anything to him. He said he enjoyed business but wasn’t totally sure. I encouraged him that God has big plans for his life. He smiled a awkward smile.

Thanks God – for every opportunity to love someone a bit more!