Drunk or son?

[Risk No. 311] The other morning I asked Jesus for an opportunity to love someone. He delivered and quickly at that. I noticed a man sitting up against the wall to our office space parking area. He looked way out of place. In typical fashion, I wrestled with whether to approach. In typical response, God won. I reached out my hand and introduced myself. Alan said hello. I asked if I could pray for him. “Well, sure you can.” It seemed as if he had been parked up against the wall for quite a while considering the two bags full of mostly empty Strawberry-Kiwi alcohol cans. Alan didn’t reek so much of liquor, but straight-up Strawberry-Kiwi. I prayed God would touch his life and deliver him from addiction. His response was telling and encouraging. He opened up and shared how he was a Christian that has been standing a long way away from Jesus but recognizes his need for Jesus daily. “I wouldn’t be alive out here if it wasn’t for Jesus.”

Alan labeled himself a “dog-ass drunk” when I was quick to challenge him. No, actually you’re a son of the living God who isn’t living in alignment to the Father’s will. It’s vital that we begin seeing people around us for their potential and not their current, often messy, circumstances. If Alan truly is a child of God, even a sinning one, then God still sees him through the lens of purified blood. How much the Lord desires to set Alan free and to use vessels like you and I to remind him of who he is called into. As soon as I affirmed his sonship he responded with this incredibly profound daily affirmation:

“I am a child of the King and I am worthy to be loved. I will find a purpose for my life. Amen.”

Maybe we need to be reminded of the same?

Alan allowed me to film him making this declaration. Check it out and take a risk!