[Risk No. 312] I ventured out with some friends to a Texas-style BBQ joint south of town. Our hostess was Chasity. Immediately when I saw her name it reminded me of a friend named Charity. Charity spells Love. Often-times, the Lord will draw lines between what I already know to show me what He sees. I saw the word, “LOVE” over Chasity and felt God gave me a word for her about how she fits wonderfully in the family and how she treats others. I also saw the word “International” and asked if she was interested in anything overseas. She had been trying to determine whether or not to go back to school and finish her degree. My friend sitting closest to me said, “business.” And we shared with her that International Business was something she should consider. She smiled and wondered how we, “knew all this?” Jesus.

I asked if she had any physical issues. She had back and knee issues but neither were bothering her at the time (they usually did). We prayed for her and blessed her life. She was beyond shocked and another friend and his wife gave her a parting word that brought her to tears as they were on their way out.

It’s so critical that we learn to hear God’s voice for this generation. His voice is Love.