[Risk No. 313] White trying to make an informed decision for my kids at the Redbox stand, a man asked me for some change to catch a bus. I gave him what I had, a measly $1.50. He seemed grateful. I asked his name and how I could pray for him. He had been playing basketball when his cousin landed on his leg, severely breaking one of the bones in his right leg. He had  undergone surgery and months of rehab but it still wasn’t right. I prayed for it, commanded pain to leave and bones to be healed. Pain instantly left and he was stunned. I prayed over his life and felt God give me some encouraging words for him.

Right about that time my friend James came out of the Kroger and saw us praying. The Lord spoke very clearly through James to Rickie and he ended up giving his life back over to Jesus right then and there. We spent time praying over him and encouraging him. As we returned to the car and told the others the crazy story, we saw Rickie waiting outside of Kroger. I felt the urge to spend more time with him and invited him to join us for coffee. He agreed and hoped in the front seat while everyone else crammed in the back. Awkward introductions and we were off. James blessed him with the extra money needed for the bus and we bought him his first ever cold brew coffee.

It was so cool to hang out with him and just watch the way each of us were able to minister to him. It was truly special and a great reminder of how uniquely wired and gifted the body is.

Thank You Jesus!