[Risk No. 314] Catching up with old friends is such a blessing. In this case, it was outdoors at a Pizzeria on a beautiful evening. Julianna was our waitress and from the moment I saw her I felt God was going to give us an opportunity to bless and encourage her. Once we had settled up, and the place had begun settling-down, I asked if Julianna had a few spare moments. I shared with her how we were all Christians learning to hear God’s voice. The Lord gave me a handful of words for her, including:

1. Your smile is contagious. Where you go, people can’t help but find themselves smiling more.

2. Dreamer. I see that you have frequent dreams that you don’t know the meaning to but God is trying to speak to you through them.

3. A Journal where you were asking questions that God was going to answer.

As I shared each of these her reaction became increasingly boisterous. She was both crying and “no way-ing” the whole way through. Times like this remind me of just how well God truly knows each of us. “You are freaking me out!,” is another way of saying, “this is way beyond what I’ve ever experienced. How do you know all this about me?” Reminds me a bit of Jesus with the Samaritan woman at the well.

I asked Julianna if she was a Jesus follower. “We’re working on that – my roommate is a Christian.” We prayed over her and I encouraged her to continue talking with her roommate. The last picture I had was that of Jesus following her around and that she was going to accept him.

She hugged me and I praised God for moving so powerfully. Risks are worth taking because the Julianna’s of the world need to know how much they matter to Jesus.