[Risk No. 317] It seems there are times that God just deposits a thought in my heart for someone else – usually in the form of an encouragement or a prophetic message. Then there are times that no matter how hard I try, I just don’t have anything short of making something up (not a good idea!). In these spaces where I don’t initially receive anything from the Lord I try to calm my spirit and ask the Lord to clue me in to anything. Is there anything you want me to convey? Any truth this person needs to hear? Love they need reminding of? So it was with Phil. He was our waiter and initially I wasn’t sensing anything. I casually enjoyed lunch and conversation, quieting my fears and uncertainties. The Lord is faithful.

Then, as suddenly as ever, I had a light mental picture of Phil coaching a minor league baseball team. I saw that God had made him in the form of a mentor because of how he listened to others. I shared this with him. His response was that he had both been a coach and that others had suggested he coach minor league baseball. Now, I’m not 100% sure why that’s vital – but that’s what I heard and where I’m simply learning to dwell – no need to over/under process. I encouraged him and asked about his shoulders. He had formerly had pain/issues but they were fine now. Cool. My friends and I were able to pray a blessing over him and remind him how much Jesus knew him.