[Risk No. 360] Spencer helped carry a box of goods to my car before heading back north to Nashville (from Birmingham). I knew the odds were slim that I would ever see him again. I awkwardly just blurted out, “how can I pray for you, man?” His expression quickly told me that he wasn’t prepared for the question. I explained how God has put this desire in me to just pray for others and to believe God for big things in the lives of others. “Is there anything you’d really love to see God accomplish in your life?” came my rephrased and slightly less awkward offer.

His response instantly reminded me of why I asked in the first place. All it takes is one response like this and it’s hard not to offer to pray for others. “Please pray for my struggling and broken marriage.” I didn’t ask for permission, but extended my hand to shake his and held on. In Jesus name; marriage: be restored. Relationship: be reconciled. Amen.”

“God bless you and thanks for letting me pray for you.”

Jesus, thank You in advance for your willingness to sweep in and restore Spencer’s marriage. I pray today that you would restore countless marriages on the brink of disaster. Holy Spirit, have Your way in the effort to restore marriages all around the world. Please allow Christian marriages to shine bright and long – serving as a clear example.