[Risk No. 361] As I geared up for an upcoming trip overseas, I visited my local neighborhood Wal-Mart to score a few goods. I’m not a huge fan but I can’t deny the fact that they sell my favorite summer shirts for $5. As I walked through the parking lot I thanked God for His heart to heal and simultaneously sensed the devil trying to steal my faith. Before I could even walk through the doors, a middle-aged man walked out using a blind walking stick. I told the Lord that it wouldn’t be right for me to travel overseas to pray for the blind but not even offer here in my own town. I approached the man and simply introduced myself. I asked if he had any vision at all. He did have a little and was extremely far-sighted. I asked if anyone had ever prayed for his eyes? Yes, they had. “Can I be one more person in your life praying for a Jesus-sized miracle?” At this, he informed me that he had to catch the bus. “I’ll be real quick!” His hesitant “OK” was more than enough for me. I laid a hand on his shoulder and commanded eyes to work better than they ever had. I blessed him and walked inside.

Most of the time I never know how God might use my little prayers. I have a sneaky suspicion, though, that these mustard seeds are going to grow up strong and healthy.

Pray without ceasing.

P.S. While on the trip overseas I witnessed God heal many eyes, including glaucoma and a 12 year old with a blind eye from birth.