Pam & Latricia.

[Risks No. 362 + 363] While checking out I began talking to Latricia. I asked her if she was tired from standing so much. Surprisingly, she wasn’t. She rejoiced with me that she wasn’t experiencing any pain physically. She then said, “but my heart is in pain.” Wow, I haven’t heard that often. Latricia shared with me that she and, pointing to another woman standing a ways off, had just lost their pastor of 38 years.

He was a faithful minister of the Word at a small Baptist church in town. Likely that he never wrote a book, preached on TV, or traveled the world. He did, however, leave a lasting impact on these ladies’ lives. I called Pam over and asked if I could pray for them and their church. They were both incredibly grateful. We held hands at the check-out lane and prayed. As soon as “amen” came out of my mouth, I received insta-double hugs. They continued to share with me how much their pastor had pointed them to Jesus and what an influence he had been. He had finished strong.

Lord, help us do the same.