[Risks No. 369-371] My friend Kevin invited me to lunch at a brand new spot in East Nashville. I love new spots. Ten16 was upscale New Orleans-style tastiness. The moment we walked into the place three hostesses welcomed us with genuine smiles. As soon as I saw them I knew God has something up His sleeves. I thanked them for smiling and being so welcoming and shared how I felt like family. They smiled all the more. Joy. As we finished lunch and exited the building Jenae, Abby and Gina were still standing at the entrance, smiling away. I asked if I could pray a blessing over them and they all unanimously nodded. We prayed and thanked Jesus for their lives and welcome the Holy Spirit to continue the work He’d begun. Power-packed short prayer.

I don’t know what or how God used that prayer but I know something happened. I could see it on their faces. It was as if relief had come and peace along with her. Very sweet and I hope to see them again.