Rosio at the bank. (again)

[Risk No. 372] I made a deposit at Bank of America’s drive thru. The sun was shining bright. I asked my teller (Rosio) how I could pray for her. She seemed offset. I asked if anyone had ever offered to pray. Actually, one other person had. Oh, wow! I was thinking how cool that was. Then she dropped the hammer, “Come to think of it, he looked a lot like you!” Hahaha. I felt so foolish. It had indeed been me. Thanks to this blogging excercise, the proof was in the pudding. I apologized for not recognizing her and shared a verse out of Phillipians 4 about anxiety. I encouraged her not to be anxious for anything and reminded her that God knew her every need. She thanked me for how much the Word applied to her current situation.

God is good even when I’m the forgetful fool.