[Risk No. 374] My friend Andy and I had ordered fancy Barista Parlor espresso and had planned to walk next door to our friends new cigar lounge. I grabbed my drink and headed outside when I realized Andy wasn’t with me. As I stood waiting, Jack walked outside and took a picture of BP’s shop sign. “Cool place, huh?,” came my small talk initiative. I wasn’t really looking for a risk, just being nice. Jack started talking to me and I came to find out he was visiting from NYC and had once lived here. He asked for cool things to do in East Nashville that wasn’t food or alcohol, quickly diminishing all things considered East Nasty “cool” – especially since he already had found the coffee gem. By now Andy had joined us and we invited Jack to hang with us at the Smoker’s Abbey. Andy and I had been wanting to pray a blessing over our friend’s new endeavor and it just hadn’t happened.

We made it next door, ended up having a great prayer time over Josh and the new lounge and then asked Jack how we could pray for him. We had found out earlier that he had begun attending Hillsong NYC. We were able to pray and prophesy over him. He was mad encouraged and near tears, explaining for a variety of reasons, how much he needed this. We need each other. You never know, a walk across the street can land you in an epic Holy Spirit encounter.

Live life, anticipate the impossible.