[Risk No. 379] Kalamatas serves great Mediterranean fare. I’d love to visit Greece someday, which is what I’m reminded of nearly every time I eat Greek. One day! Ghada seemed like the kitchen manager and she walked past our table when I asked her to come over. I shared with her that she was special and asked if she had any issues with her shoulders.  No shoulder problems, sorry Lord – help my hearing! She did talk about a problem in her right foot that especially flared up at the end of the day. It wasn’t hurting but she sat down, we prayed for her, her family (and the unrest in Lebanon due to the issues in Syria – where her family lived). She mentioned how rare it was that people would pray publicly in Jesus’ name but how encouraged her heart was.

Jesus, help Ghada to continue seeking You daily and to stay near you. Bless her, her family and entire country!