[Risk No. 381] If you ever find yourself in the Bellevue area around lunch time, the Cottage cafe is worth the visit. Grace was our waitress. For some reason, while seated with family, I began to think about how long it had felt since I had received a strong prophetic word for a stranger. With the thought came condemnation – the kind that says you’re not good enough or just don’t have enough to offer. I rebuked the lie and munched on. I don’t know how much time had passed but Grace came by to check on us and seemingly out of nowhere I saw (mental picture saw) the word “missions” over her and thought about the book my daughter had been reading, Kisses From Katie.

I shared this with her and asked if she had a heart for missions. She looked surprised, and told us how she had just returned from her 2nd trip to Honduras, which she considered to be the most significant time of her life. I encouraged her that God had given her a heart for missions and prophetically encouraged her to keep seeking God to serve others. I shared how I saw her loving on the least of these overseas and God using her in powerful ways there. “That is really surprising that you would say that…..”

Thanks God, for Grace and for the generation of Grace you are raising up.